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Building your civilization requires, well buildings. As such your Nuggets have a range of places to eat, sleep, mate and work in to expand your influence over the whole Universim. Each building will have several upgrades and the looks will vary from Age to Age. Each building and upgrade can be accessed by researching the corresponding Perk.

Stone Age (V0.16)[edit | edit source]

Cemetery - Ancient Burial Perk

Eatery - Cooking Perk

Engineers Hut - Primitive Tools Perk

Farm - Agriculture Perk

Fishing Pier - Fishing Perk

Forecast Tower - Dew Forecasting Perk

Funeral Pyre - Funeral Rite Perk

Hospital - Traditional Healing Perk

Reservoir - Primitive Waterworks Perk

Stone Hut

Stone Refinery - Refined Materials Perk

Warehouse - Storage Areas Perk

Water Pump - Primitive Waterworks Perk

Water Well - Primitive Waterworks Perk

Wood Refinery - Refined Materials Perk

Pre-Medieval (V0.16)[edit | edit source]

Restaurant - Perk

Residential Huts - (coming soon)

Water Well - (coming soon)

Other Ages coming soon[edit | edit source]

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