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COSMOS TP 1000[edit | edit source]

The Cosmos TP 1000

A-class discovery and exploration space shuttle, a new standard in short-distance galactic personnel transportation. Equipped with the latest in Nuclear Fusion propulsion technology and the new A1-specified Crytivo Industries.

Fuel Injector; this vessel possesses unmatched fuel efficiency and speed. It offers the perfect solution for all of your scientific exploration needs. All models include a customized planetary landing bay with room for up to two medium explorer-class ATVs for quick terrain navigation. The ship is built for harsh, unexplored environments and comes with specialized shielding to ensure the safety of all crew members. Impeccable design and a hand-crafted feature set place this ship a step above its predecessors.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Vehicle class: Light Discovery/Transport
  • Primary Function: Reconnaissance Exploration Short-distance inter-planetary personnel transportation.
  • Primary space-propulsion technology: Nuclear Fusion- Short Distance
  • Single Primary Engine
  • Three Secondary Engines
  • Standard Galactic Flight Stabilizer: Crytivo Industries A1 Fuel Injection Technology
  • Planetary Exploration loadout: Two medium explorer-class

ATVs equipped with dynamic terrain navigation displays.

Crew Capacity:[edit | edit source]

  • Maximum Capacity: 30
  • Minimum crew required for operation: 4
  • Emergency Evacuation Specifications: 12 3-man crew escape pods equipped with Crytivo industries return-to-homeworld automated navigation AI.
  • Hull type and exterior shielding: Light armour plated with specialized environmental-resistant shielding for protection against potential hazards on

unexplored planets.

  • Stay tuned for next updates. Firelander PT5000 already in production and we will introduce it soon.

Cargo Lunar 12000[edit | edit source]

The Cargo Lunar 12000

Crytivo Industries is proud to unveil the latest addition to the Industry-leading line of Intergalactic Cargo Shuttles, the Cargo Lunar 12000. The Lunar 12000 makes use of the latest iteration of the ground-breaking Nuclear Fusion Propulsion technology common amongst Crytivo space shuttles. It was redesigned specifically for use in long-distance, intergalactic heavy cargo shipments. To increase stability, the maximum speed has been reduced due to the new conditions being factored into the design. The average Cruise Speed is currently set at 5000 Light Years a week with the possibility of improvements in coming months. While the new cargo vessels may be slower than previously announced shuttles, they more than make up for it with added security and cargo space.

A new metallic alloy discovered during a recent expedition has allowed us to develop external shielding unlike any we have encountered before. Future mining of this new resource will allow us to expand our research even further in the next year. Advanced shielding allows the Lunar 12000 to travel through the harshest of conditions and protect precious cargo from any unforeseen dangers and contaminants such as foreign radiation damage.

Cargo space allows for up to 12 shipment containers to be loaded aboard a single vessel with expansion opportunities. Interplanetary transportation has never been so easy! Deliver resources and other private cargo from planet A to planet B in a secured environment without any unnecessary complications*.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Note[edit | edit source]

Crytivo Industries is not responsible for mass planetary destruction as a result of the misuse of the product or general negligence. Legal Immunity agreements are filed under Customer Acceptance Form 103, Section 5, page 7.

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