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The Stone Age is the first stage in the game. Here your Nuggets are primitive and vulnerable to the harsh wilderness of your planet. You must research fundamental things like Wells and Farms while keeping your Nuggets alive though the long, cold Winters. Dinosaurs may have had something to do with this era, although this is entirely up to speculation. Even so you can still hear the Mammoths if you listen closely. The Stone Age was the first stage added in Alpha and is currently the only stage in the game.

Research and Perks (V0.16)[edit | edit source]

Research is the only way your Nuggets will survive this new environment. By clicking on the Epicenter you can access the Evolution Tower to research Perks and allow your civilization to grow. There are Several Perks available at the moment in Alpha which fall into 4 categories.

Blue Perks - Evolutionary Perks

Yellow Perks - Mortal Perks

Green Perks - Rare Perks

Purple Perks - Ultra Rare Perks

Perks Blue and Yellow.jpg

Perks Green and Purple .jpg

Buildings (V0.16)[edit | edit source]

Stone Age building are just that, made from Stone with some wood added in for decoration. The Nuggets will place their own homes down once they find a Partner. The other buildings you, as there God, can dictate where you want them and even goad them into building them faster. Alpha has several Buildings of which 1 can be upgraded to Pre-Medieval using Perks.


Gallery (Concept Art)[edit | edit source]

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