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The Recon Rover will be a device that you can create and send to other planets. You can begin to create them during the Modern Era.

One of the original rewards was called the Fully Loaded Recon Rover for $65

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This is the description attached to it

This monster of engineering is available to you from $65 upwards. The Fully Loaded Discovery Rover is an awesome addition to the recon catalogue. It will help you collect important information about the various planets you come across, without spending too much of your valuable time. It comes equipped with high capacity batteries that will allow you to drive it on alien planets for longer. We also installed thermal protection, so no pesky extreme conditions will get in the way of your exploration. And finally, GUNS. Two mini-cannons come pre-installed in front of the body to protect your vehicle against wild animal attacks and other dangers. Get it today! Half of the funding will be used to upgrade Cow Facilities in the Cowtivo Industries Department, or will simply be used to add more villainous, erm, innovative technology!

These Rovers are meant to be sent to other planets during colonization to gather important information in order to safely colonize the planet.

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You will be able to customize the Rovers in order make them best adapted to a planet so that they survive long enough to explore the planet.

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