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Game Features

Leave the farms and cities behind, and jump straight into managing your own planets in The Universim, a brand new god-game in development by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov.

The Universim is a planet management game. Your civilization will begin in the Stone Age, thousands of years before the modern era. Research plays a crucial role in the game. For example, players will initially need to take on such challenges as reinventing Fire in order to survive attacks from wild animals, creating cures for deadly viruses, and other potential threats to your civilization. Planets will have air with weather effects, and varying temperatures and natural resources. There will be deadly natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tornadoes, freak storms and Meteors.

In The Universim you have a godlike ability to make decisions that play other crucial roles in the game. While you will not interact directly with the population that inhabits your planet, you will be able to guide them through their development and Influence their decisions for better or worse. Choices in the game extend from ending wars between Cities on your planet or watching as one city destroys the other, to influencing the research path of your civilization, and much, much more.

Grab the early prototype here, to explore the system and see a very early development of the game.

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Game Features
  • An immersive, evolving universe simulator. Create life in the earliest stages of development and watch as it blossoms into a galactic empire under your guidance.
  • Take control of a dynamic, living world simulation.
  • Witness the changing of Seasons, and survive the brutality of nature.
  • Explore beautiful, diverse, procedurally-generated Planets.
  • Wield the immense powers of a god, ranging from restorative to destructive.
  • Conquer the epic expanse of the universe at your own leisure.
  • Enjoy the humorous, yet informative, news system as it details the latest information about your growing civilization.
  • A deep, intuitive research system that allows for a wide range of play-styles and offers many different ways of advancing your civilization.
  • Advance your civilization from the Stone Age all the way to the Space Era, and beyond!
  • Dynamic events constantly challenge the player and offer countless new gameplay opportunities.
  • No paid DLC, DRM, or microtransactions whatsoever!
Gameplay Strategy
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