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Prometheus Game Engine

The Prometheus Game Engine is a game engine made by Crytivo Games to be used in The Universim.


Prometheus will simulate living planets in the game and will be responsible for both micro and macro world events. It will manage things like air density, vegetation and living creatures, natural resources, temperature, biome generation, and even dynamic events. Dynamic events consist of things like the changing of seasons and natural disasters. Season change will have a far more drastic effect than you may think. Winters in particular can be incredibly brutal. Some winters will last longer than others, and with them comes unimaginable cold. Food will become scarce, development will slow to a crawl, and sufficient shelter will be the only thing keeping your civilization alive. You had better prepare for whatever Prometheus has to offer. Natural disasters include events such as tornadoes, earthquakes, viruses, meteors, and so much more. It is up to you to find solutions to these problems, or if the worst comes, begin anew with a better strategy.

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